Presidential Portraits: George Washington

Eight years ago, my sister Rachel and I made a cassette tape about George Washington for fun (yes, this is what teenage Read girls did for fun…in the era when I made a portrait of George Washington the desktop background on our computer). We organized a soundtrack for the recording by playing Baroque and Classical pieces on a CD player in our room during production. We thought it would be appropriate to share this presentation in a video in honor of our beloved Washington’s 281st birthday.

Never let a childhood endeavor go to waste!

I think we were influenced by Diana Waring, whose history tapes we would routinely listen to at bedtime. We wanted to tell history in the same entertaining way she did!

5 thoughts on “Presidential Portraits: George Washington

  1. Diana Waring says:

    Oh, Amanda, what fun. . . Thanks for sharing your childhood endeavor!

    You know, I’m always astonished at how much history students can absorb when they’re interested. And, the creativity with which they can share it with others.

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