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Investigative blogger Virtus Coolidge thinks little of the flash drive given to him by new media mogul Andrew Romans until Romans’ sudden death. Virtus discovers he has inherited a mysterious list that intertwines the fate of his friends and possibly his country.

ROMANS XIII (13) is a fictional drama/comedy 13-part web series that follows the unlikely camaraderie of an agnostic investigative journalist and a Christian historian as they navigate the obstacles of new media politics, apathetic and psychotic friends, and forbidden love to expose a group of radicals that is advancing a dangerous agenda with a very unusual type of hit list.

Auditions start October 10th! Come join us at Longleaf Studios!

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Teaser poster photography was done by Abigail Read with lighting and staging by Amanda Read, Joseph Read, and Mary Read. Editing by Matthew Perdie. 

Romans 13 Audition Flyer

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