I hope that this upcoming week I will actually work towards doing everything I’ve planned on doing.
This past week I’ve just felt a bit worn out and uninspired – perhaps because it has been just a week since the ACT.

Abbott Management has still not contacted me. I have no doubt that they are exceedingly busy. They may very well end up being helpful to me, but until then I will have to try contacting individuals on my own. I haven’t worked very hard towards the producing goal recently because I was so busy studying. Now I should have no excuse!

Here is an interesting piece of information that Dad sent me:

Bill could lure movie stars, money to Anniston
By Megan Nichols
Staff Writer06-19-2008

Movie stars and money could stream into Anniston if the state Legislature passes a package of tax breaks to lure them here, local and state officials said.

A bill that would have given film production companies a 25 percent rebate on production expenses, a 35 percent rebate on salaries paid to Alabama residents and an exemption from sales, use and lodging taxes did not make it to a vote in this year’s legislative session. Local legislators said it could come to a vote if Gov. Bob Riley calls for another special session this summer.

Alabama, along with Delaware and New Hampshire, is one of only three states not offering incentives to the film industry, according to the Pew Research Center.

Joint Powers Authority member Pete Conroy, who is a proponent for bringing the movie industry to McClellan, said the state had already missed opportunities by not having an incentive package. He said the Lifetime television show “Army Wives” could have been filmed at McClellan if the state offered incentives.

“That one project would have brought in nearly $90 million in on-the-ground spending to this area,” Conroy said. “We’re talking to friends in California who have a really strong interest in bringing projects to Alabama.”

Conroy said he had heard that George Lucas was working on a film called “Red Tails” about the Tuskegee airmen that could be filmed at McClellan if the incentives package passes.

“I don’t know where that project is right now, but the point is that this is no longer a specialty industry,” Conroy said. “It’s one that every state should be part of. We’re missing out on some low-hanging fruit.”

Todd Stacy, deputy press secretary for Riley, said the governor supported the incentive package and wanted to see it pass.

“When it comes to economic development, Gov. Riley wants to see bills like this succeed,” Stacy said.

JPA board member and Sen. Del Marsh, R-Anniston, said he has supported the tax incentive bill.

“I thought it had a pretty good chance last session, but it just wasn’t one of the bills that managed to get through,” he said. “I think it would have a good chance of passing.”

Marsh said he believed McClellan would be an ideal spot for filming movies because of its scenery and buildings, like the old barracks.

Rep. Randy Wood, R-Anniston, also said he supported the bill. He said if it was placed on the legislative calendar he believes it would pass without a problem.

Bringing the film industry to town could be an economic boon to northeast Alabama, said Rep. Steve Hurst, D-Munford.

“It’s not a goal that’s out of reach,” Hurst said. “I will do what I can to help pass the bill.”

But Reps. Barbara Boyd, D-Anniston, and Lea Fite, D-Talladega, had some reservations concerning the film incentive package.

Boyd said that although she believes McClellan would be a beautiful spot for movies, she was worried about films that would showcase the city’s issues with environmental contamination. She also said she would have to research the idea more before she could vote for film industry tax cuts.

Fite said the bill was a “pie in the sky issue.” He said he would continue to support the bill, but wanted to see proof of a guaranteed return on the tax cuts.

Proponents of the bill have said that is difficult because the film industry would simply move its productions to one of the 47 states offering incentives, rather than pay more to film in Alabama.

As for the Lucas film about the Tuskegee airmen, Fite said if that deal was concrete, he would support the bill.

“Maybe if George called me at home we could work things out,” he said. “We’ll sit down over a cup of coffee down here at the Waffle House and make this thing happen.”

So, perhaps the producers will eventually come to us!

Among my other goals for this summer: Finish my landscape painting of the pond and begin on some more paintings. To be precise, there is one photo of Beth and her friend Jenny that I really want to attempt capturing on canvas.

I’m disappointed that I didn’t sketch the chicks when they were at their cute stage (I might resort to using Abigail’s photos as models). However, we do have another hen setting now, so if all goes well I’ll get another chance next month!

I’m trying to sketch out new writing ideas as well. Quite awhile ago I began planning a blog series of writings about dramatizing history based on things that I learned while working on The Crusading Chemist along with an in depth look at other plays and screenplays based on historical events. Yes, that actually sounds like fun to me.

I would also like to research movies and plays that were based on novels and other works of fiction. It would be interesting to see what styles different people follow as they adapt the writings of other authors. Especially when their worldviews may be completely different!

Last night we went to Aunt Betty’s (our great-grandmother’s younger sister) house for a cook out. Granddaddy came along with us. We had a great time…Ben especially loved catching lightening bugs after supper!

The tiny default font size on this blog is driving me crazy! I’ve got to get this blog template fixed…


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