Well, we have quite an exciting Summer ahead. First of all, Dad found a replacement camera on clearance sale. Abigail has been shooting away with it. Now I need to commission some pictures of my ring and the kennel (which we have begun wallpapering with an old fashioned toile print). It is becoming a nice little country office.

David’s 6th birthday was on the 28th of June (same as Benjamin Franklin’s birthday, according to what I’ve read). Benjamin’s 2nd birthday was on the 12th of June, by the way (just in case I didn’t mention it). We have enjoyed lots of homemade chocolate cake (an antioxidant dessert, as Mom says).

Speaking of antioxidants, we have still been able to harvest some blueberries…but the weather is really too dry and threatening the lives of some of our plants. Even the occasional rainy day isn’t a good enough dose due to the sloping ground (the water rolls right off of it) and…surprisingly…a lack of humidity. The brief storm on Sunday cooled things down to a pleasant, breezy atmosphere, but the air is parched. It is sad to think that we have spent our first three homesteading years under a drought.

Yesterday Dad took all of us (except Mom, who stayed behind to get other things done) out to Uncle Steve’s place to look at a trio of turkeys he offered to give us. They are brown – perhaps Broad Breasted Bronze, similar to wild turkeys. Two hens and a tom are a good start and the pen was very nice, but Uncle Steve wasn’t there to help us take the pen apart so Dad thought we shouldn’t bring them home with us at that moment. We visited our great grandparents for the rest of the day instead.

The Clarks arrive on Saturday. They will stay with us until the 9th, so we should have a lot of fun. Kyle and her mother will visit for awhile too.

The chickens are thriving…because they are entirely full range now. The Dominiques hop over their fence and roam wherever they please and the Red Stars have no pen at all.

Visit www.youtube.com/SincerelyAmanda to watch a funny video of Ferdinand that Rachel put together.


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