Time ticks away. My time has been occupied with chiseling a substantially intriguing script treatment out of my wordy inventions {it is now completed. A little Dominique coop redux here and there. Planning paintings to grace the walls of the guest house in construction on top of that. Deciding how to set up and manage my personal website (www.amandaread.com) adds an interesting twist {it’s still not my highest priority yet}. I plan to make another homestead blog post about our chickens soon {with pictures}…our Dominiques started laying eggs last week!

Joseph, Abigail, Mary, David, Beth, Mom and I went for a nature walk (Rachel stayed home with Ben) the other day. We successfully identified and sketched several flowers and trees. This morning Rachel and I were up well before 7:00 because we heard hail pelting the roof. It wasn’t too bad, but the storm was fairly rough. The little creek through the pasture overflowed for once in a long while, indicating that our rain deficit has finally been payed off. The Governor had asked Alabama residents to pray for rain…and despite the negative predictions made by a secularist, the LORD answered the petition. I love it when that happens – no matter how small the issue.

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