It is the season for cold weather.  It has been freezing.  I hope that it stays that way!  Now we can enjoy pleasant fires in the fireplaces.  Summer was nice enough while it lasted, but I think that the time is nigh for cold weather to be official.


Here is the surviving kitten:




As with most every pet at Fair Hills Farm, there is great debate over his name.  Joseph thought "Excalibur" sounded like a neat idea, and some how "King Arthur" was figured in.  A bit prestigious for so little a kitten, but otherwise conceivable.


We had a nice field trip at Janney Furnace.  Dad was one of the guides.  The picture below is of us Read children by one of the memorial walls.  Our ancestors’s names are on it – they were among the soldiers that survived the war.  The picture below is rather blurry (Dad was trying to figure out how to use my camera).





Beth had her mouth full of chewy starburst candy in this snapshot.  Larissa (girl in the background), is a 15 year old homeschooler.  She plays the dulcimer.



(below – Dad is in the dark green shirt)



Joseph even got to fire a musket rifle. I tried not to jump while filming it – I kept my hands as steady as possible (honestly!).  You can hear Mom and Rachel laughing in the background.


Our seven year old cousin, Samuel, recently started attending school.  One of the projects includes the geographical adventures of "Flat Stanley" – a paper doll based on a storybook character.  He mailed him to us so we could take photographs of him exploring various places.  One of the Confederate Soldier reenactors agreed to pose with him (soldiers don’t smile for pictures, remember).



It was great.






Thursday, October 26, 2006 – I know what you mean!

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It has been so cold here too!! It rained and was windy so that didn’t help! I hope your kitties are alright! Hope you’re doinng well! Well it’s SuperAngel’s b-day so stop by the Planet and say happy b-day, will ya? 😉

And I posted about Lois Langley… stop by soon!


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Saturday, October 28, 2006 – THANK YOU!!

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for the Sweet birthday wish!!

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