Strange things arise from idiosyncrasies displayed on the internet. The latest is a term for the raw manly man rebound against the metrosexual prototype – “lumbersexual,” a term that unfortunately sounds like something unnatural happening with trees. It actually refers to the renaissance of the wild at heart spirit of the pioneer…and rough rider.

The above clip features a scene I wrote a year ago for the upcoming series Romans XIII intended to satirize the very culture that pundits are catching onto today: two extremes that engage in frequent battles of wit, particularly through social media…each one esteeming themselves to be more astutely above-the-fray than the other. You didn’t expect to find that subplot buried amidst political intrigue and discussion of Alinsky tactics and Biblical epistles, did you?

It is a meager effort to meet the public where it’s at. Laughing at ourselves is a good thing.

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